PRICE$5000.00 FOURTH OF JULY SALE! $3850.00

Another Youtube video by Shawn Brock is attached in Mandolin Cafe

Interesting message from the last owner!!!   We will also be posting another video of Shawn Brock! along with the one posted now!

Hey Dale, hope you’re doing well. I’ve got a pretty unique guitar I’m about to put on the market, but I know you like special instruments and ones with history so I thought I’d offer it to you first in case you were interested. It’s a 1999 Ted Davis exact replica of a Gibson 1934 Jumbo, Red Spruce top and mahogany back and sides and thick neck. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Ted Davis but he’s basically the guy who brought Red Spruce back to guitar building in the early 90’s. He got John Arnold into Red Spruce and they became good friends, and actually sold Martin their first red spruce tops in the 90’s, which was the first time Martin Had used it since the 50’s. Ted Davis passed away in ’08 and he didn’t built too many , so they hardly ever come up for sale, and this one was built with one of his famous red spruce tops. Tonally it’s loud, and the best sounding Gibson style guitar I’ve ever played, period. All hide glue construction too, overall it’s just a killer sounding guitar. You know how desirable John Arnold’s guitars are, to me I feel Ted Davis should be right up there with him.