John Arnold #83 WV Red Spruce/ Arnold Brazilian (SOLD)


PRICE$36,000.00 net (Special Reserve) I will pay 2-3 fedex express shipping

2022 John Arnolds # 83s 4 months broke in since the last video…. Can’t wait to hear it!
Since Arnold guitars are rarer than 30s D18s, maybe you might want a trade option. That would be my only idea for a trade.

(26) Demo of John Arnold D-29 Brazilian Rosewood 83 – YouTube

four months later

(26) Revisiting John Arnold D-29, SN 83, Brazilian & Red Spruce – YouTube

Tight grain hard West VI Red spruce

Hand picked by John Arnold Brazilian

1 3/4 nut

2 1/8 string spacing

2022 New Calton case with …..2022 Arnold Brazilian on the name tag!

7 Day return policy