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Calton Dread Cases 

The options in the pictures & these will be in stock this month!

1. Brown and Gold
2. Brown and Black
3. Black and Red
4. Black and Gold
5. Yellow and Gold
6. Yellow and Black

Multiple options and colors

$1215.00    Plus $50.00 for shipping

Order Time Approximately 10 weeks if not in stock.


  • Reinforced Multi-layer Fiberglass Shell
  • Premium Velvet Interior
  • Nickel Plated Steel Latches and D-rings
  • Rubber Latch Bumpers and Corner Bumpers
  • Nylon Shoulder Strap
  • Hand Stitched Leather Handle


  • Made in the USA in Austin, TX
  • Custom fit for the specified instrument
  • Road-ready latches protected by rubber bumpers
  • Padded pick box for storage
  • Neck guide suspender headstock in case
  • D-rings and shoulder strap for carrying (optional backpack straps)
  • Wide range of finishes to match our style


  • Crush Resistance
    Cases can withstand up to 1100 lbs of pressure.
  • Drop Protection
    Your instrument is kept safe in drops up to 9 ft.
  • Temperature Testing
    Case maintains a gradual increase or decrease in internal temperature for up to 90 minutes.
  • Humidity Testing
    Case maintains an ideal 50% interior humidity amid changes of external temperature from 30°F-105°F


1937 Martin D-28 Herringbone


All Original!

Early 1935 Martin D-28 Herringbone (Video) John Arnold Info

Information from UMGF registry contributor John Arnold 

Demo of 1935 Martin D-28 ???? – YouTube


This guitar is a early 1935 with the stamp on back of the peg head,  all original but the bridge and saddle.  Has a pick guard crack, 1/2 in. repaired, and had a grain replaced on about 2 inch shown in the picture. Fresh neck set!
They only used this quality of Brazilian Rosewood 46 months early 35
It has original pins and keys and pick guard, original case.

Thompson D-45 Wv Red Spruce Dark Brazilian


PRICE$10,250.00 .. 7 day return policy.
Fabulous guitar built by Larry Thompson with WV Red spruce and Dark Brazilian rosewood.
45 Inlay trimmed in Maple and Abalone
Silver Engraved Waverly tuners
Fossil Walrus saddle, pins and nut
Beautiful inlay and detail
Nut 1 3/4
2 5/16 spacing at bridge
25.34 scale
37 Authentic Bracing

Randy Lucas Kenny Smith D-18 (Video) Minty



Top: Adirondack Spruce Top $6500.00 7 day return policy
Bracing: scalloped forward shifted adi bracing
Construction: Hide glue
Back and sides: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony with Lucas Logo
Nut width: 1.75″
Twelfth fret width: 2.25″
Scale Length: 25.5″
Neck: Vintage shaped Mahogany
Truss rod: Non-adjustable Vintage T-Bar
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood with long saddle
Binding: Tortoise
Purfling: Wood
Headstock: Brazilian rosewood overlay Abalone Torch inlay
Tuners: Waverly Vintage with Ivoroid buttons

2020 Martin D-18 39 Authentic Aged


  • Body Shape:Dreadnought
  • Left-/Right-handed:Right-handed
  • Color:Natural, Modified Vintage Toner
  • Finish:Vintage Gloss Aged
  • Top Wood:Aged Adirondack Spruce with Vintage Tone System
  • Back & Sides Wood:Aged Mahogany
  • Body Bracing:Scalloped Authentic 1939 Rearward Shifted X-bracing
  • Binding:Faux Tortoise
  • Neck Wood:Mahogany
  • Neck Shape:Authentic 1939
  • Radius:16″
  • Fingerboard Material:Ebony
  • Fingerboard Inlay:Abalone Old Style 18
  • Number of Frets:20
  • Scale Length:25.4″
  • Tuning Machines:Nickel Open Gear Aged
  • Bridge Material:Ebony
  • Nut/Saddle Material:Bone/Bone
  • Nut Width:1.6875″
  • Case Included:Hardshell Case
  • SERIAL# 2391942

2016 Pre War D


Demo of Pre-War Guitar Company 2016 Sunburst Model D – YouTube


Well played Pre War

Pick guard has been installed

Back and Sides: Mahoghany

Headplate: Grandaillo

Fret Board: Ebony

Bridge: Ebony

Nut and Saddle: Bone

Distress level 1.25

Fret Board Taper: Vintage

Action at 12 Fret   4/64-6/64

1939 Martin D-18



We will let the guitar speak!

In the upper bout area I have applied a light layer of tung oil to protect the wood.
PRICE$39,000.00 7 day trial period

Most descriptive listing on this 1939

‘For Sale is an honest “authentic” authentic built early in the year 1939, serial number 728XX. This guitar is one of the real deals that the Martin Authentic 1939 D-18’s are manufactured to simulate. Though Martin does a good job building the Authentics, one thing they cannot recreate is 83 years of ageing and especially 83 years of all the components moving and vibrating in harmony to become one. Only this can bring them to their maximum potential. This ageing process is perfected when the guitar is being loved and played for the majority of those years bringing out all she has to give.

This is a great example that is a pretty rare find in that it is a 30’s (1939) Martin D-18 that has been played into perfection yet has obviously never received a hard ding, been dropped, or mistreated in such a way as to cause a crack or break anywhere on it’s super light weight body or neck. There is not even the ever so common pick guard or B string crack which indicates it has lived it’s life in a humidity friendly environment. I have inspected this guitar thoroughly for cracks because it is so rare to find one of these light weight mahogany D-18’s from the golden era without at least one side crack. Just how many of the 475 D-18’s produced in 1939 do you suppose have survived this many years without one crack? I speculate a very small number. Rear shifted scallop braced and 1 11/16” nut width. Neck is a soft V shape.

Having said that, this guitar has all of the honest wear showing how much it has been loved and played all these years but never abused. I love to see um like that, it speaks volumes. Structurally it is sound as a dollar. The top has no issues of bellying either in front of or behind the bridge. The grain in the Adirondack Spruce top is very consistent and perpendicular, displaying the quality of wood that was available in the early years of these guitars. The finish is totally original with no touch up and worn in the obvious places. The arm over the body from years of hugging with the arm wore the finish thin. The original ebony fingerboard appears to have never been sanded or shaved yet displays only the slightest of small fingernail divots. The pick guard is original. I believe the Bridge plate is also original. It shows old Hyde glue residue and appears to be tucked under the braces. The pin holes in the bridge plate have been shimmed from years of ball end strings chewing away. Not positive about the bridge, a good repro if not original. It is not oversized but has a slight hairline crack and the bridge pins are not original. This is the only issue on the guitar I would address. The bridge saddle and frets were replaced when the neck reset (considered standard maintenance) was performed by an authorized Martin repair technician. The original tuners were worn out and replaced with Waverly Repro Butterbean tuners. The only alterations I find are two strap buttons have been added. One to the neck heel the other to the bottom end of the guitar. There appears to have possibly been an end pin jack installed in the factory end pin hole at one time but is now plugged. There is also a small hole, about 1/8” that was in the back of the peghead but is plugged now. This was for a small clip that was used to attach a guitar strap (neck string) which was commonly used then. I have many pictures. Finally it comes with the original Martin hard case.

I have spent much time describing the cosmetic and structural integrity of this guitar for you, now let me get to the heart of it. The playability and tone. First of all the action (slightly less than 3/32” at the 12th fret) and intonation is very good having a fairly fresh and expertly done neck reset and new frets. Only the slightest relief in the neck with no twisting or warping allowing low action with no string zing or buzzing. There is plenty height on the new bone saddle. The tone is just what you would want and expect for a true vintage Martin mahogany guitar to have. First you can feel the light weight body quiver all over when striking a chord bringing out banjo killing volume and a full woody tone that is not at all muddy or soft. The note separation is very clear making it an ideal flat picking or finger picking guitar. It is quick and very responsive. The balance is great with the mids being hard and punchy and the highs don’t get lost in the mids or lows.

I have taken my time to describe as fully and accurately as I can because this is a serious guitar that I believe warrants it. It came from the guitar’s 3rd owner. It is an excellent example I believe of why the Martin Dreadnaughts have gained the reputation they have over the years. Though they are excellent guitars, I don’t believe you and I will be around long enough for the authentics being built today to sound like this guitar. I am proud to offer this guitar for sale..  Ships in original case.

1945 Martin D-28 Adirondack Herringbone

  • Price $40,000.00…….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrZlYq9yXbs&t=35sBack from the Luthier, period correct cut thru bridge and saddle, neck set , tall saddle and period correct tuners
    Original finish with touch up around the fretboard extension, guitar blacklights good!!! Minor repaired cracks, repaired the top where electronics had been.
    A really clean Herringbone example
    Top: Adirondack spruce with original herringbone trim
    Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood
    Neck: Mahogany with steel truss rod
    Fingerboard: Ebony
    Nut width: 11/16″
    Scale length: 25.5″
    Bracing: Tapered bracing
    Case: Non-original hard case

    2018 Martin D-28 37 Authentic Aged


    PRICE$7000.00   5% ON SALE $6650.00

    This Martin D-28 Authentic 1937 Aged is an even further elevated Authentic model – we’ve been waiting for “Aged” Martins for awhile, and they’ve finally delivered. The limited edition D-28 Authentic 1937 Aged not only features the VTS wood-aging system, hand shaped braces, and all hide glue construction, but it’s been carefully aged inside and out for an appearance that matches it’s tone. A perfect replacement for that out-of-reach pre-war dreadnought!

    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Aged Vintage Gloss Finish
    • D-14 Fret Body Size
    • Solid Adirondack VTS Spruce Top
    • Authentic 1937 Forward Shifted Scalloped X Braces
    • Madagascar Rosewood Back and Sides
    • Genuine Mahogany Neck
    • Authentic 1937 Neck Shape
    • Black Ebony Fingerboard
    • 25.4″ Scale Length
    • 1-3/4” Nut Width
    • 2-1/4” Fretboard Width at 12th Fret
    • 20 Frets
    • Zig-Zag Authentic Backstrip
    • Antique White Binding
    • Bone Nut
    • Multi-Stripe Back Inlay, Herringbone Top Inlay
    • 1937 Diamonds and Squares Long Pattern Fingerboard Inlays
    • Madagascar Rosewood Headplate
    • Nickel Waverly Tuners
    • Authentic Belly Ebony Bridge
    • 4 lbs, 8 oz.
    • .790″ Neck Profile at 1st Fret
    • .990” Neck Profile at 9th Fret

    2022 Pre War D


    Back and Sides: Mahoghany

    Headplate: Grandaillo

    Fret Board: Ebony

    Bridge: Ebony

    Nut and Saddle: Bone

    Distress level 1.25

    Fret Board Taper: Vintage

    Action at 12 Fret

    Serial #65537

    Finished 3/17/2022

    Thompson D-45 37 Style Bracing , Torrified Red spruce/ African Blackwood( Video)



    Demo of Larry & Bob Thompson Guitars Blackwood D-45 – YouTube

    PRICE$12,000.00  ON SALE $9250.00

    Fabulous guitar built by Larry Thompson
    45 Inlay trimmed in Maple and Abalone
    Gold Engraved Waverly tuners
    Bone saddle
    Bone pins
    Nut 1 3/4
    2 5/16 spacing at bridge
    25.34 scale
    37 Authentic Bracing
    Serial #223

    Martin 1944 D-18



    Demo of Martin D-18 1944, I’m speechless!???? – YouTube


    Scalloped braced

    1944 Professional refinish

    No repairs needed

    Sounds Absolutely awesome

    No cracks

    Along with its Rosewood counterpart, the D-28, the Martin D-18 stands as one of the true original dreadnoughts introduced by Martin in 1932. The D-18 made a switch from a 12-fret to a 14-fret instrument in 1934 and has stayed largely the same since, with just the occasional change in wood source or cosmetic detail. Since the D-18 uses Mahogany instead of Rosewood, it is thought to have a somewhat crisper sound with more definition the top-end.

    1955 Martin D-18 ( Video)



    Demo of 1955 Martin D-18 – YouTube


    This is a great all original 1955 D-18. It has had a neck set and frets have no wear. Fret board has no divots.  This is what everyone’s looking for and is a tonal cannon!!!  A little bear claw in the spruce!

    When it comes to flatpicking, it’s tough to beat an old Martin D-18. This example from 1954 is perfectly played in, with the sort of playing wear reserved for the best sounding guitars out there. Has finish cracks but hadn’t found any thru the wood.

    This instrument is dry and punchy, with a beautiful clarity often present in Martins from this era. Straight-braced, this guitar has plenty of balance, volume and responsiveness.

    While traditionally used as a bluegrass flatpicking machine, this D-18 is equally suited to folky strumming and fingerpicking a-la Bob Dylan. This guitar is well-loved, it is in great playing condition. The action is just right for flatpicking, but the saddle has room for adjustment for the player seeking lower action.

    The guitar plays well up and down the neck, and is ready to hit the stage or the studio.

    Top: Sitka Spruce

    Back & Sides: Mahogany

    Rosette: 18-Style

    Body Binding: Tortoise

    Neck: Mahogany One-Piece

    Fretboard: Brazilian Rosewood

    Head Veneer: Brazilian Rosewood

    Fretboard Binding: None

    Tuners: Closed Back Kluson-Style

    Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood

    Pins: Black Plastic, No Dots

    Saddle: Bone Cut-Through

    Nut: Bone

    Pickguard: Tortoise Colour Celluloid

    Nut Width: 1 11/16″

    Scale Length: 25.4″

    1955 Martin D-28 Spruce Top/ Brazilian (Video)

    PRICE$16,000.00Spruce top. This one was a case queen for much of its life keeping the original finish very clean. It is completely crack free with a repaired center seam that was professionally reglued. The guitar had the tuners replaced to period correct and it had a neck set done with a new bone saddle put in. The guitar shows little wear. Has a replaced pickguard on top of the finish. This one spent most of its life in Ft Worth TX. The setup is nice and it currently is strung up with mediums and plays great. It doesn’t need anything and is ready to go with great playability and intonation. This one has a super powerful warm woody sound! Really a special 1950s Martin.

    Martin 1956 D-28



    Demo of 1956 Martin D-28, Old man Superlative ???? – YouTube


    Small unnoticeable crack in front ,repaired

    Nice guitar had buckle rash on the back , repaired

    • MODEL: Martin D-28
    • CONSTRUCTION: Dovetail Neck Joint
    • BODY SIZE: D-14 Fret
    • TOP MATERIAL: Sitka Spruce
    • ROSETTE: Style 28 Multi-Stripe
    • BRACE SHAPE: Non-Scalloped
    • BRACE MATERIAL: Sitka Spruce
    • BRACE SIZE: 5/16″
    • BACK MATERIAL: East Indian Rosewood
    • SIDE MATERIAL: East Indian Rosewood
    • ENDPIECE: White
    • ENDPIECE INLAY: Multi-Stripe
    • BINDING: White
    • TOP INLAY MATERIAL: Multi-Stripe
    • BACK INLAY MATERIAL: Multi-Stripe
    • NECK MATERIAL: Select Hardwood
    • NECK SHAPE: Low Profile
    • NECK TAPER: Standard Taper
    • PLEK: Yes
    • NUT MATERIAL: Bone
    • HEADSTOCK SHAPE: Solid with Square Taper and Diamond
    • HEADPLATE MATERIAL: East Indian Rosewood
    • HEADPLATE LOGO STYLE: Script Overlay
    • HEELCAP: White
    • SCALE LENGTH: 25.4″
    • NECK JOINS BODY AT: 14th Fret
    • SIDE DOTS: White
    • BACK & SIDE FINISH: Gloss
    • FINISH TOP: Gloss
    • TOP COLOR: Clear
    • FINISH NECK: Satin
    • NECK COLOR: Dark Mahogany
    • BRIDGE STYLE: Modern Belly – Drop in Saddle
    • SADDLE: Compensated Bone
    • SADDLE RADIUS: 16”
    • TUNING MACHINES: Chrome Enclosed Gear
    • KNOB: Large
    • PICKGUARD: Black

    Edmonds D-28 2020 Tight grain Red Spruce/ Quatersawn White Oak *A KEEPER*



    Demo of Jimmy Edmonds Dreadnought Guitar, White Oak & Adirondack Red Spruce: ???? saddle up and ride – YouTube


    Jimmy Edmond guitar. This is a very special build of quarters-awn White Oak/ Red Spruce. I am selling off of a collection of some of the best builders guitars. This is a tough one to let go.

    Herringbone D-28
    Red Spruce Top
    Quartered Sawn White Oak
    1 3/4 nut fossil walrus and saddle
    2 5/16 string spacing
    Long Scale
    Fossil Walrus pins with beautiful inlay
    Curly Maple neck
    Snake wood Waverly tuners
    Ships with a white cream Hiscox Case

    Dudenbostel D-45 2003 #49 Brazilian/Adirondack*Vintage* Authentic* Golden era



    Demo of Dudenbostel D-5, A dreadnought 45-Style Guitar From A Luthier Legend – YouTube


    DUDES ARE A TRUE GOT IT ALL GUITAR #49!!! A stunning 45 style Dreadnought by the great builder, Lynn Dudenbostel. The guitar features an Adirondack spruce top over a beautiful Brazilian rosewood back and sides. With lush overtones and nice projection, this one sounds as good as it looks, and that’s saying something!……CONUS….,  THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GUITAR I EVER PLAYED!!!      dale……Fossil Walrus Everywhere!! . !  Now sports a set of gold engraved Waverly tuners!                                                    Wood – Adirondack Spruce

    • Back/Side Wood – Brazilian Rosewood
    • Fingerboard Wood – Ebony……Tuners changed to Gold engraved Waverly’s!!
    • Scale Length – 25.4
    • Nut Width – 1 3/4″
    • Pickup(s) – None

    2006 D-42 Henderson #470 Brazilian Adirondack



    Demo of Wayne Henderson D-42, A Tough Adirondack & Brazilian Guitar ???? – YouTube


    Carlton Case

    Martin 000-18 1944 *Video* 78 yrs old!



    Demo of 1944 Martin 000-18 Guitar – YouTube


    Lovely is the best description of this 000-18. It has all the features of WWII-era Martins, including scalloped top bracing and an Adirondack top, and also has an ebony rod in the neck. An excellent neck reset and refret was just done to match neck reset. The  pickguard, and all bracing (including the bridge plate) are original. Here’s my story…. I purchase the guitar a few years ago and it was sprayed on the outside with something like honey. They had sprayed the pickguard, the bridge and over the saddle. I cleaned the stuff off and under that was a excellent condition pre-war 000-18. The guitar is one of my favorite guitars ever and I own many. I think as much of this guitar for tone and playability as any of the ones I have had built and that also has been many. The tuners wasn’t original so I bought a set like came on it in 1944…..I took a picture of where a tiny  piece of  wood was plugged in the back and a small scratch leading from it a 1.5 in. or so…..
    Sold and bought back, as nice as you can get!    Blue guitar polish around the neck mount picture!
    MODEL 000-18



    NUT WIDTH  1 11/16″

    SCALE LENGTH 24.9″






    The guitar comes with 2 cases if you wish. A prize white Martin case and a old hard shell….Save your comments on all of your knowledge about what’s original and what’s not  that I don’t know. I will honor a return policy that allows you to determine if you would want to keep it or not. It is  excellent ++++++ Could be the nicest one in the world!

    Gibson 1943 J-45 Banner



    Serial # 2681 1943 Banner J- 45 …No repairs needed …, neck is good and no neck reset needed….Top back and sides Mahogony…..no fretboard wear,  pins tight, Tuners smooth/ clean, …………A BOMB!!!! It has had a pick-up  mounted near the bridge and have been professionally plugged. The guitar is crack free with no repairs on the inside and doesn’t need any. It has just gone thru a professional refinishing and was beautifully done! It is fresh from the shop and dust likes it lol,   dale

    • Wartime production occasionally meant material shortages; while the standard J-45 has mahogany back, sides, and neck, Gibson had to replace some mahogany parts with laminated maple ones. Banner logo J-45s can be found with maple back and sides as well as maple necks. Some others were made with mahogany tops rather than spruce. Spruce shortages meant that some came out of the factory without bookmatched tops, and others came out with four-piece tops rather than the standard two.
    • Beginning in 1943, some J-45s were made with a black “skunk stripe” painted down the top. It’s speculated that these stripes were either used to hide poor bookmatching due to spruce shortages, while others feel it’s simply decorative.
    • In order to save metal for the war effort, some J-45 runs were produced with an ebony reinforcement bar rather than a standard truss rod. This can have an effect on the stability of the neck, and also means that the neck tension is not adjustable.

    1968 Martin D-18 -55yrs old!




    Finish Details: 
    Top Material: Spruce Top
    Body Material: Mahogany Body
    Body Details: Solid mahogany back & sides with a solid spruce top
    Neck Material: Mahogany Neck
    Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
    Neck Profile: C-Shape
    Neck Thickness (IN): 1st fret: .84″, 12th: .95″
    Fingerboard Radius: 16.00″ to
    Nut Width: 1-21/32″
    Scale Length: 25 1/2″
    Neck Details: One-piece mahogany set neck with a Brazilian rosewood board, center dot mother of pearl inlays — The neck has been reset
    Electronics: n/a
    Pickup Measurements: n/a
    Hardware: Non-original bone saddle —
    Weight: 4 lbs 4 oz


    1969 Martin D-18- 53 yrs old!



    Very clean and sounds great. Just had  a fresh neck set and set-up.  Frets good
    Top Material: Sitka spruce Top with a little bear claw!
    Body Details: Mahogany back and sides with spruce top
    Neck Material: Mahogany Neck
    Fingerboard Material: Brazilian Rosewood
    Neck Profile: V
    Neck Thickness (in): 1st fret: .87″, 10th fret: 1.03″
    Fingerboard Radius: 16.00
    Nut Width: 1-11/16″
    Neck Details: One-piece mahogany neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. Neck has been reset and refretted.
    Electronics: N/A
    Pickup Measurements: N/A
    Hardware: Schaller tuners, non-original bridge pins, strap button has been installed at the heel.
    Instrument Weight: 4 Lbs 4 oz
    Modifications/Repairs: -Neck has been reset and refretted -Bridge has been reglued -Strap button installed at heel -Non-original bridge pins
    Case Details: New vinyl Gator case
    Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition for its age. a few minor dings and scratches on the guitar, along with a few spots of  finish checking. on the back it a repaired crack near the strap button. It has been left in the case and show the print of the strap for about 6 in. needs nothing!!
    7 Day return policy


    1966 Martin D-18- 56 yrs old!



    Very good original condition, plenty finish checking on top, NO CRACKS IN THE WOOD, no belt rash, full frets, light diviots on the fret board at the cowboy chords, plays great and surprises me with its tone!! 7 day return policy on all sales,   dale

    Body: Double bound solid mahogany back & sides with solid Sitka Spruce top in natural finish. Multi ring ebonoid/ivoroid rosette and tortoise shell pickguard. 3 ply purfling and Indian Rosewood bridge with black bridge pins.

    Neck: Chunky mahogany neck with aged white side dots and pearl dot inlays. 1 11/16″ nut width, 25.4” scale length. Rosewood headstock overlay with gold C.F. Martin logo and Grover tuners in perfect working order. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard has some divots at the cowboy fret showing this guitar has been played despite its condition. Neck is straight, action is low, and the guitar plays easily up and down the length of the instrument.


    1953 Martin D-18 Adirondack Top-69 yrs old!



    Demo of 1953 Martin D-18 – YouTube


    1953 D-18 mystery top! This is one I have had a while and said I would keep….. again. It has been played and loved and I know why. I believe it has a Adirondack top. This thing will cut thru anything. Its not original you can tell by the neck inlay and tuners and so on, but if you want a Adi d-18 that will lead the pack, give this one a 7 day trial!

    Crack free, fresh neck set and frets are great!

    Model: D-18

    Year: 1953

    Top: Adirondack Spruce

    Back and sides: Mahogany

    Neck: Mahogany

    Nut Width: 1 11/16″

    String Spacing: 2 1/8″

    Scale: 25.4″

    Body Length: 19 7/8″

    Lower Bout: 15 5/8″

    Upper Bout: 11 3/8″

    Body Depth: 3 3/4″, 4 3/4″

    Bridge: Ebony

    Rosette: Ring

    Backstrip: None

    Purfling: Line


    1969 Martin D-18 ( Very Clean ) 53 yrs old!



    Very clean and sounds great ,My luthier is doing a fresh neck set and set-up. Can ship on the 15th of November.
    Finish Details: Original
    Top Material: Spruce Top
    Body Details: Mahogany back and sides with spruce top
    Neck Material: Mahogany Neck
    Fingerboard Material: Brazilian Rosewood
    Neck Profile: V
    Neck Thickness (in): 1st fret: .87″, 10th fret: 1.03″
    Fingerboard Radius: 16.00
    Nut Width: 1-11/16″
    Neck Details: One-piece mahogany neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. Neck has been reset and refretted.
    Electronics: N/A
    Pickup Measurements: N/A
    Hardware: Schaller tuners, non-original bridge pins, strap button has been installed at the heel.
    Instrument Weight: 4 Lbs 4 oz
    Modifications/Repairs: -Neck has been reset and refretted -Bridge has been reglued -Strap button installed at heel -Non-original bridge pins
    Case Details: Original hardshell case
    Cosmetic Condition: Excellent condition for its age. a few minor dings and scratches on the guitar, along with a few spots of minor finish checking.

    Bob Thompson 2020 OM-45 WV Red spruce/Brazilian ( Video)



    Bob & Larry Thompson OM-45 Torrefied Red Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood Guitar, Simply stunning ???? – YouTube


    Here is another nice Bob Thompson Brazilian guitar. Using the highest quality Red Spruce and Brazilian on these OM-45. This one is serial # 206.

    1 3/4 inches Nut
    Gold engraved Waverly tuners
    Fossil Walrus Nut
    Fossil Walrus Saddle
    Fossil Walrus Pins
    String Spacing at Saddle 2 5/16 inches
    Stainless Steel Frets
    Scale Length 25.375 inches