Price $19,500.00

(30) 1946 D-18 (NEW SPECS DESCRIPTION VIDEO) – YouTube
Here is a minty early 46 serial 93746 video with the same internal bracing pattern as the 45. This bracing pattern was only offered these 2 years after which they went to a straight bracing pattern which is heavier and no taper.
Here is the video of the 45 well played we sold.

Excellent original condition
This well-loved and played early 1945 Martin D-18 is one of 475 made that year, and one of less than half made that year that got the renewed use steel T-bar neck reinforcement.

This guitar received the new radically tapered style of brace voicing that first made its appearance at the end of 1944 and gives the guitar a liveliness in all ranges, but an especially colorful upper midrange and treble response compared to the wartime era darkness of the scallop voiced bracing

1946 that is being listed shares all of the same features as the 1945 with 675 being built! This is an excellent to mint conditioned 1946 D-18. What we are showing you is a 45′ that has been well played and the tone and volume that will come from the 1946 guitar after you have spent your time with it. Creating your own mojo!


(30) 1946 D-18 (NEW SPECS DESCRIPTION VIDEO) – YouTube